Er det slik Bilmodus kan komme til å se ut på iPhone?

Dear Tim Cook,
Will the next iPhone come with ”Car mode”?

Surveys show that about every fourth car accident is related to the use of mobile phones while driving. In the US, texting behind the wheel has now overtaken drunk driving as the primary cause of death for American teenagers. Figures from more and more countries draw a clear pattern: mobile use while driving is dangerous and deadly.
As more people, all over the world, gain access to smart phones, the number of accidents likely will increase dramatically. The material damage and human suffering that using mobile phones while driving entails, is enormous. While on the one hand the smart phone is an amazing tool, it has also created a new form of distraction that we did not have before.

Now we, the Norwegian insurance company Codan Forsikring, encourage you to gather the brightest minds on the planet to help solve this challenge. In interviews, you have said that Apple is all about amazing products, and that you continually focus on innovation. No one is better positioned than Apple to grapple with this challenge.

There are those who believe that the responsibility is wholly the users, in the same way that the one who pulls the trigger holds all responsibility – not the ones that produce and distribute weapons. Based on the values you have talked about in public, we appreciate that you care deeply about how Apple products affect society and how your company can bring about widespread change.

We do not know the solution. The only thing we are certain of is that a total ban on the use of mobile phones in cars will not solve the whole problem – and is not very practical. We must do something about the technology and the attitudes.

All phones are today equipped with «flight mode,» a feature that users rarely utilize anymore. We think the world now needs a «car mode,» a simple and elegant feature that will help to reduce mobile use significantly while driving. This should not be impossible to achieve.

In anticipation of the car mode, we at Codan will do our part to inform drivers and influence their attitudes through visible and engaging campaigns. We will not do this through scare-tactics and graphic imagery, but through more effective ways, like humor, to get people to realize the risks of using a mobile phone while driving.

United we can reduce accidents and injuries. Will you help us find a way to do so together? Will you accept the challenge?

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Langva
Managing Director
Codan Forsikring